Thank you to the C's who waited for the ambulence when I crashed last Thursday at North Chagrin

  • 07/13/2016 6:42 PM
    Message # 4131599
    Deleted user

    Thanks to all of you who waited with me after I crashed last Thursday on Ox. I am doing well considering the spectacular crash I had. Even though I cracked my helmet, tests showed no sign of skull or spinal fractures, and I had no symptoms of concussion. Because of the cracked helmet, they did keep me overnight in the hospital. My road rash is down to two regular bandages, but my bruises are still many and colorful. I broke my right wrist and one of the smaller bones in my pelvis, but it looks like I will not need surgery. I am learning to do all kinds of things with my left hand, and Steve is taking great care of me. I am walking well (but slowly) with one crutch, but it will be quite awhile before I am back on a bike.

    I will miss riding with all of you. Thanks again for your help, and always wear a helmet!

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