TUESDAY Chagrin Falls B RIDE

Jim Pintchuk ‚úČ
Ride Leader

Alternate Ride Leader

NOTE: If no Ride Leader is available, then it is no longer a club sanctioned ride. 

Starting Location:
Mountain Road Cycles, 100 Industrial Parkway, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022

Behind Hunan

Start Times:

  • Spring: 6:00 pm (starts first Tuesday in April)

  • Summer: 6:30 pm (starts first Tuesday in May)

  • Fall: 6:00 pm (starts last Tuesday in August)

  • Late Fall: 5:30 pm (starts third Tuesday in September)

24 - 33 miles (but can be modified for those not wanting to ride that distance). Routes may be modified to return to start before dark.

The ride will rotate between six mapped routes, which will be rotated through each week (Auburn, Chagrin River Road, Burton, Punderson, Crackel Rd. and Sperry). We have been following most of these routes the past couple years, so several seasoned club riders should know the routes well. The first Crackel Rd. route will be in June in order to return before dark

The ride will follow a variety of gorgeous routes with beautiful pavement. Terrain is typically rolling (short hills, moderate grade) to relatively hilly (several short, steep longer climbs). 


DateStart Time PDFGPS Mileage
Apr 56:00Auburn
 Auburn 30.0
Apr 12
6:00 Chagrin River Rd
 Chagrin River Rd  23.9
Apr 19
6:00 Burton Burton 33.2
Apr 26
6:00 Punderson Punderson 31.7
May 3
6:30 Sperry Sperry 31.2
May 106:30
 Auburn Auburn 30.0
May 176:30 Chagrin River Rd Chagrin River Rd  23.9
May 246:30 Burton Burton 33.2
May 316:30 Punderson Punderson 31.7
Jun 7
6:30 Crackel Rd
 Crackel Rd
Jun 146:30 Sperry Sperry 31.2
Jun 216:30 Auburn Auburn 30.0
Jun 286:30 Chagrin River Rd Chagrin River Rd  23.9
Jul 5
6:30 Burton Burton 33.2
Jul 126:30 Punderson Punderson 31.7
Jul 19
6:30 Crackel Rd Crackel Rd 28.8
Jul 266:30 Sperry Sperry 31.2
Aug 2
6:30 Auburn Auburn 30.0
Aug 9
6:30 Chagrin River Rd Chagrin River Rd  23.9
Aug 166:30 Burton Burton 33.2
Aug 236:30 Punderson Punderson 31.7
 Aug 30
6:00 Crackel Rd Crackel Rd 28.8
Sep 6
6:00 Sperry


Sep 136:00 Auburn


Sep 205:30
 Chagrin River Rd

 Chagrin River Rd

Sep 27


Burton Burton 33.2
Oct 4
5:30  Punderson Punderson 31.7
Oct 115:30 Crackel Rd Crackel Rd 28.8
Oct 185:30 Sperry



Maps may or may not be available at the ride so be sure to visit the CTC website before the rides.

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