2024 Calendar

To Subscribe to Calendars: Click on the “Google Calendar” in the lower right hand corner. Select the calendars you’d like to see on your calendar, then click “Add All” even though you’re just adding the ones you want. You can also remove calendars you no longer need by just clicking the “X” button next to those calendars. 

More Options: Click on the downward facing arrow button next to the "Agenda" tab to hide/show ride groups. Click on the ride time/location for more information. There’s a link that takes you to the ride leader page. If you're on mobile, rotate your phone to the side to see these options. 

Ride Paces

Group        Pace (mph)     Description
A 18 + Aggressive pace with little to no regrouping                       
B 16 - 18 Moderate to Fast pace, No-Drop
C 14 - 16 Tour to Moderate pace with regrouping, No-Drop                                  
Alt-C 12 - 14 Social to Tour pace with frequent regrouping, No-Drop
Social Plus 12 - 13 Social to Casual pace with frequent regrouping, No-Drop
Social 12 & under Social paced ride where pace is unimportant, No-Drop

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