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  • 11/16/2019 9:14 AM
    Message # 8121803

    I would like to get member's opinions on the CTC website.

    What do you like?

    What do you hate?  

    What are the things you can't do without?

    What do you not use at all?

    Any suggestions in general?

  • 11/16/2019 9:16 AM
    Reply # 8121804 on 8121803

    I think it needs a cleaner look and feel.  I think it should have a better menu.  I think it needs more intuitive. 

  • 11/16/2019 7:41 PM
    Reply # 8125321 on 8121803
    Deleted user

    It could be modernized.  It is fairly unintuitive and not good on mobile. I would like to see easy to access ride information with maps and links to downloadable files for common cycling computers. At the end of the day it doesn’t really need to do that much but it is certainly due for an update. 

  • 11/17/2019 9:46 AM
    Reply # 8125818 on 8121803

    Via Email sent to me:

    Very excited to provide input......but when I tried the link I got a "Page not found. Error 404" . Nor could I find anything under Member Forums section regarding website overhaul. All of which pretty much parallels my experience trying to find ride maps the last few years.
    Anyway maybe you could pass along my observation that,  Ride. Maps. Are. Too. Hard. To. Find.
    Maybe I'll come to more rides if I can find them
    Kim Boyd
    Member since '94

  • 11/17/2019 9:49 AM
    Reply # 8125819 on 8121803

    Via Email sent to me:

    Becky –


    FYI - I’m getting a 404 error using your go to the forum link.


    I don’t go to the website all that often, but went back to look at it again, and it all came back – I really like the website.  Every time I see it I’m impressed that club members have done such a professional job on it.  It’s very easy to navigate.  Couple times Alice and I would look up a ride to find out what time or where the meeting place was – and the tabs would take you to exactly what  you’re looking for – weekly ride, event ride, etc.  I also enjoy seeing the candid photos on the home page, and across the top.  I just love the way it looks now.   Maybe that’s not what you wanted to hear, but I think all of you have done such an awesome job already.   Does not look like my Kiwanis website or other organizations I belong to, it really looks polished.


    The only thing I think that might be better handled is registration for couples.  Alice and I are both members, but if one of us tries to register for us both, it never seems straight forward.   We’re not really bringing guests if we bring each other, we’re both members?  Yet we don’t want to have to go through all the effort to register separately.    How is the information used whether the person coming is a guest or a member?    Seems like I should just be able to register with my family membership, and how many members are coming and how many guests that are not members – if that breakdown is important.


    Thanks for all you do for the club

    Ken Mantey

  • 11/17/2019 10:39 AM
    Reply # 8125869 on 8121803

    Received via email:  

    Forum link is broken. 

    We need ride leaders to be able to post ride updates on the fly. I.E, because of storms will there still be a ride tonight? 

    We need access to people's actually phone#/email as opposed to their emergency contact. 

    I also thought detailed info about each ride seemed a little wanky. I.E, where the start time and the maps are. 

    The slideshow of pictures is WONDERFUL! The weather update in the left hand corner is nice. Having updates in the upper middle area is right where it should be. 

    It has been the same picture in the header ribbon for years. It's a great photograph, no doubt, but it has run it's course and is now quite dry. 

    Lisa Wiltse

  • 11/17/2019 12:46 PM
    Reply # 8125923 on 8121803

    Make. Maps. Easier. To. Find.

  • 11/17/2019 5:48 PM
    Reply # 8126272 on 8121803
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I would like to see the ride calendar and weekly ride information more prominently displayed and easier to navigate. In particular information about individual ride days. The site is not very mobile device friendly. I do like the registration process for events it’s very easy

  • 11/17/2019 7:25 PM
    Reply # 8126428 on 8121803
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hi Becky,

    Thank you for working to make a good web site better.  Is it possible to have favorites, or auto generated personal messages.  For example, I always want info on the Middlefield Ride on Wednesday night.  Can the next ride and a kink to download the map automatically go to my email or send a text message about the upcoming ride.  

    Thanks Again

    Jim P


  • 11/17/2019 7:56 PM
    Reply # 8126450 on 8121803
    Deleted user

    Below are my observations and thoughts:

    • First and foremost, finding/viewing routes, starting times, etc., should be the easiest thing to do -- like on the home page.
    • While I like the photos on the home page, they take up too much real estate — I forget sometimes there is MORE to the home page than at first blush.
    • Consider standardizing weekday ride pages.
    • Mobile phone friendly.
    • A "Dashboard" approach like Garmin Connect or Ride with GPS work well for me.
    • I suspect Club News has few hits. 
    • Most of the forums are hardly ever used.  I only use "Advocacy."
    • I frequently use Members Only > Members Directory.
    • Rides Info > Starting Locations is useful, especially so for newbies.
    • Except for Sunday Rides, the CTC Calendar is not useful to me.
    • Sending a message from a Ride Leader to the club that a ride has been cancelled is arcane.
    • Some examples of too much complexity
      • The "Rides Info and Ride Leader" page is redundant information and must be manually maintained in sync with each weekday page.
      • There is a list of Leadership Council members under Members Only > Leadership Council, and another under "Contact Us."  The lists are inconsistent.
      • There are two different versions of a ride waiver / release of liability on the website.
      • Some links open in the same window and some open a separate window -- inconsistent or on purpose?
      • Found a reference to "the club's list server" on the "Ride with Us" page.
      • There are two links to Sunday-In-June on the "Ride with Us" page but one is broken.

    I could care less about: 

    • Members Only > Donations (I did not know it was there until today).
    • Members Only > Member Help Files (few people take the time to read help documents).
    • Non-CTC Touring Calendar
    • Weather gadget
    Becky -- I appreciate your initiative for a redesigned website, AND the work you've already done to make the existing website better than a couple of years ago.
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