Map Updates

  • 07/06/2021 11:13 PM
    Message # 10733302

    This is just an idea.

    It seems like many of our members use the RWGPS app. I recently upgraded to the Basic subscription. It has limited capabilities. BUT I noticed the feature to convert a Ride to a Route. I played with this tool but didn’t produce a cue sheet. Although I could create one manually.

    Perhaps some of the RWGPS premium users could convert their completed Rides to Routes including a cue sheet. Then share those Routes in a CTC Library for use at a later time? RWGPS does have a feature to edit/copy rides/routes to alter the route thus changing the mileage. This could be the start of updates to our ride library. Over the course of a year we might have an up to date library. Thoughts/comments?

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