Leadership Council Election Results!

12-Feb-2017 11:08 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

To All Current Members,

On  behalf of the nominating committee of CTC, I am pleased to bring you the results of the Leadership Council Member Election voting.  All three nominees have been successfully elected to the Leadership Council for the next two (2) years.  Congratulations to Annemarie Cvijanovic, George Novotney, and Jake Yanchar!

Please be advised the next leadership council meeting is tomorrow night at 6 pm at the Kirkland Public Library.  All three new LC Members are expected to attend and assume the duties of council (Note: This notice is short because voting just closed -- do your best new LC Members to attend this Monday's regular meeting.)

Best of luck for a productive stint on council!

Mary Bauer
Chairperson, Nominating Committee

Election Results - 2017 Leadership Council Member
 Candidate Name  Vote Count
Percent of  TVC
 Annemarie Cvijanovic 68
 George Novotney 67 34% 2
 Jake Yanchar 59 30%  3
Cum. Total Votes Cast (TVC)  194    

Note the Following BallotBin info:

  • 384 CTC Members with email addresses received e-ballots from the secure voting system
  • 79 of 384 members receiving e-ballots voted for 0, 1, 2, or 3 of the above candidates in their single ballot cast
  • 10% of "attending" members (384) = 38 voting members is a "legal" quorum per Article IV -- Meetings and Voting of 2015 Adopted By-laws
  • Note: Rank position of votes received has no relevance because only 3 candidates "ran" for 3 open LC Member positions.

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