Chili March Metric- (31,62 mi) -Lake Erie Wheelers

  • 30-Mar-2019
  • 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Lakewood Park Women's Pavilion

Chili March Metric

Designed and Supported by Lake Erie Wheelers

62 mile Full Metric Route - A simply wonderful tour through three Emerald Necklace Metroparks reservations.  A great ride to start the season after a long winter's break from cycling!  Full service.  Fun, food and prizes at the end of the ride!.

31 mile Half Metric Route - Same wonderful route as the 62 mile version above, just less of it!  Same good 'ole chili lunch as above too!

SAG service will circulate on the Chili March Metric.  A call-in number is provided in your registration packed in case of an emergency.  Please carry it with you.  Riders are responsible for minor repairs such as changing flat tires, etc.  Please carry appropriate materials, pump, etc.

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