ABC Ride (Akron Bicycle Club) (25,50,62,100mi)

  • 12-Jul-2020
  • 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Copley High School, 3807 Ridgewood Rd Copley, OH

Event run by Akron Bicycle Club

All rides will start and end at Copley High School, 3807 Ridgewood Rd Copley, OH.

New Routes for 2020 to make this a more Absolutely Beautiful Country Ride

Your ride includes:

1. SAG Support

2. Rest stops for food and hydration

3. Sandwiches midway for the 100 mile riders

4. Our infamous Dunkin Donut stop

5. Routes include 25, 50 ,62 and 100miles.

6. Celebrate by enjoying a great meal, served my Old Carolina Barbeque, and live entertainment By The Chris Carlton Band.

7. There will be a 7am start for our century ride, we encourage you to wear your team jersey.

8. An 8am start for the 50, and 62 mile routes and encourage team riders to wear your  team jersey.

9. A 10am start for the 25 mile route.

10. Dinner will begin serving at noon until 4pm.

11. Best of all you will have an "Absolutely Beautiful Country Ride"

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