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    • 11-Feb-2019
    • 09-Dec-2019
    • 11 sessions
    • Kirtland Public Library

    • 05-Nov-2019
    • 12:00 AM
    • 19-Nov-2019
    • 11:59 PM
    • Online
    To:  All CTC Members,

    2019 Donations

    As you may know, each year the Cleveland Touring Club (CTC) donates funds to a number of cycling-related causes. In 2019, the Leadership Council (LC) drafted a plan to spend our advocacy dollars. It was posted on the club forum web page  and members were invited to share their thoughts on how the funds are to be distributed.

    The LC carefully reviewed all member comments.  The result is we left the plan unchanged.  As usual, the Kirtland Library is on the list since the LC uses the library meeting rooms.

    At this time, the LC submits the following list of donations for you to vote upon, as a single package (yes or no vote).

    Our cycling advocacy donation proposal is as follows (click a donation candidate for more information):

     World Bicycle Relief
     $ 500
     Ohio City Bicycle Co-op (OCBC)  $ 500
     Ohio Bicycle Federation  $ 500
     Kirtland Library  $ 250
     iCanShine / iCanBike  $ 500
     Bike Cleveland
     $ 500
     League of American Bicyclist  $ 500

     Period Nov 4th thru Nov 19th (Midnight)

    • 08-Dec-2019
    • 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    • 7250 Alexander Rd, Concord Township, OH 44077

    REGISTER TODAY - 2019 CTC Holiday Celebration!  

    Members and their guests only.

    7250 Alexander Rd, Concord Township, OH 44077
    • When - December 8, 2019 (Sunday) from 2pm to 7pm.
    • 2 p.m. - Pre-party Hike (or snowshoe, if there's enough snow)
    • 3:45 p.m. - Hors d'oeuvres and Social Hour
    • 4:45 p.m. - Dinner and Festivities
    • 7:00 p.m. - Clean up
    • Cost - Free for current members and $5 for their non-member guests.
    • Refreshments - Non-alcoholic beverages are provided.  BYOB for wine/beer only - no hard liquor allowed.  
    • Registration (Online) Deadline - Wednesday, Dec 4th. Hurry up and reserve your spot at the party!

    It's time to celebrate the holidays with your CTC friends! The holiday party will be held once again at the Environmental Learning Center.  Join us for socializing, food and fun as we celebrate the holidays. Begin the party with a hike through the woods (or snowshoe, if there is enough snow), or just join later for socializing and food with friends. There will not be a gift exchange this year. And the food is being catered (vegetarian options available).

    Last year several people suggested that a homemade dessert bar would be a nice touch, since many people like to bake, so this year we've added that option. If you would like to bring a dessert, please indicate that when you register.

    Join your CTC friends on Sunday, December 8th, for CTC's Annual Holiday Celebration!

    We need a few volunteers for set up and clean up.  If you are interested, please state that on the registration form. 

    For questions or to discuss volunteering, contact Sarah Vangilder by email at  hawkeyefan4411@sbcglobal.net  or call/text at 216-509-9646.

    • 05-Apr-2020
    • 9:00 AM
    • Berkshire Jr/Sr High School, 14510 N Cheshire St, Burton, OH 44021

    Tour de Maple (Season Sunday Opener!)

    Start Location: 


    Ride Description: 

    Travel either to Windsor (27 or 31 miles) or Parkman (39 or 51 miles) on this early season tour through some of the areas that produce world famous Geauga County maple syrup.

    Route Terrain/Elevation Gain:

    Rolling terrain.  Elevation gain:

    • 27 miles -- 1231 ft.
    • 31 miles -- 1249 ft.
    • 39 miles -- 1719 ft.
    • 51 miles -- 1986 ft.

    Ride Leader/RWGPS/Map Links:

    Although weekend rides have predefined routes, they usually do not have predefined ride leaders.  Consequently, any given pace-group may or may not choose to designate a ride leader.  

    All CTC members are invited! 

    -- Read "About Riding with the Club"
    • 12-Apr-2020
    • 9:00 AM
    • T.C. Gurney Elementary School; 1155 Bell Rd.; Chagrin Falls, OH 44022

    Geauga Lake Loop

    Start Location: 

    Gurney School

    Ride Description: 

    Travel around the remains of the old Geauga Lake amusement park. The route avoids some of the busy roads in favor of quiet neighborhoods.

    Route Terrain/Elevation Gain: 

    Lightly rolling terrain. Elevation gain:

    • 33 miles -- 1333 ft.
    • 45 miles -- 1630 ft.

    Ride Leader/RWGPS/Map Links:

    Although weekend rides have predefined routes, they usually do not have predefined ride leaders.  Consequently, any given pace-group may or may not choose to designate a ride leader.

    All CTC members are invited! 
    -- Read "About Riding with the Club"

    • 19-Apr-2020
    • 9:00 AM
    • Helen Hazen Wyman Park; 6101 Painesville Warren Road; Concord Township; OH 44077
    Helen Hazen Wyman (Painesville) to Madison or Geneva 

    Start Location: 

    Helen Hazen Wyman Park

    Ride Description: 

    Start at Wyman Park on SR86 in Concord, less than a mile south of 84.  This ride will take you along the Lake Erie plateau through many of the nurseries and vineyards that make this area unique.  One of the few routes in this area that are nearly void of any hills.  If you're looking for a tandem friendly ride, this is it!  Water is available in the Madison town square, and restaurants are available in Madison and Geneva.

    Ride Terrain/ Elevation Gain:

    Flat terrain.  Elevation gain:

    • 29 miles -- 769 ft.
    • 46 miles -- 1157 ft.

    Ride Leader/RWGPS/Map Links:

    Although weekend rides have predefined routes, they usually do not have predefined ride leaders.  Consequently, any given pace-group may or may not choose to designate a ride leader. 

    All CTC members are invited! 

    -- Read "About Riding with the Club"

Past rides

03-Nov-2019 Reel Cycling Film Festival
27-Oct-2019 Season Finale - Shaker Square (34 mi)
26-Oct-2019 POP-UP RIDE: Tremont Christmas Story House (26 mi.-Social)
20-Oct-2019 Fall Color Ride (35,40 mi)
19-Oct-2019 POP-UP RIDE: Chagrin River Diner for Lunch (23 mi - Social)
13-Oct-2019 Tour de Thompson (27,44 mi)
06-Oct-2019 Eddy's Fruit Farm (27,30,37,43 mi)
29-Sep-2019 Pedal to Punderson (25,55 mi)
22-Sep-2019 Winery & Covered Bridge Tour (25, 38, 47, 65 mi)
21-Sep-2019 TASSLE-Tour Along South Shore Lake Erie (50,100 mi)
15-Sep-2019 Girdled Road Park (32,48,53 mi)
08-Sep-2019 Bike Aboard! (27,43 mi)
02-Sep-2019 Geauga Gravel
01-Sep-2019 Bikin' For Burritos (39,54,75 mi)
25-Aug-2019 Chagrin River Valley (27,48,70 mi)
18-Aug-2019 Post-SIJ Routes (26,34,40 mi)
11-Aug-2019 Ravenna Arsenal (25,51,77 mi)
04-Aug-2019 CTC Annual Photo Day/Ride/Picnic/Swap Meet (25, 35, 47 mi.)
28-Jul-2019 Harpersfield Bridge (27,54 mi)
27-Jul-2019 POP-UP RIDE: Zoo Animal's and Lunch (25 mi - Social)
21-Jul-2019 Emerald Bracelet & Necklace (62,94 mi)
14-Jul-2019 Paradise Bay-GW Trail-Lunch Ride (24,35,65 mi)
07-Jul-2019 Across State Lines (32,50,90 mi)
06-Jul-2019 Volunteers Only: Sunday in June
30-Jun-2019 Welshfield Inn Lunch Ride (24 mi)
30-Jun-2019 Welshfield Inn Lunch Ride (50,62 mi)
23-Jun-2019 Tour of Geauga (34,44,57 mi)
22-Jun-2019 POP-UP: Ride Around Roaming Rock Shores
16-Jun-2019 Hurry To Hudson (23,48,60 mi)
15-Jun-2019 Ride for FUN and FOOD
09-Jun-2019 Sunday in June hosted by CTC
02-Jun-2019 Lakeshore Reservation (25,36,57 miles)
26-May-2019 Amish Country Ride (26,41,61 miles)
19-May-2019 Tremont - Christmas Story House (51 mi)
18-May-2019 New Members Meet-n-Ride (18, 20, 25 mile routes)
12-May-2019 Footing It To Footville (35,52 mi)
05-May-2019 Spring Fling Ride (21,41 mi)
28-Apr-2019 Chardon Pancake Ride (18 mi)
28-Apr-2019 Chardon Pancake Ride (30,40 mi)
21-Apr-2019 Painesville-Madison-Geneva (29,46 mi)
14-Apr-2019 Geauga Lake Loop (32,45 mi)
10-Apr-2019 N. Chagrin-Wed (Social)
07-Apr-2019 Tour de Maple (27, 31, 39, 51 mi)
04-Apr-2019 N. Chagrin-Thurs (Social)
03-Apr-2019 Middlefield-Wed (C)
03-Apr-2019 N. Chagrin-Wed (C/ Alt C)
03-Apr-2019 N. Chagrin-Wed (A/B)
02-Apr-2019 Concord-Tue (Alt-C)
02-Apr-2019 Concord-Tue (Social)
02-Apr-2019 Concord-Tue (A/B/C)
02-Apr-2019 Chagrin Falls-Tue (A/B)
02-Apr-2019 Chagrin Falls-Tue (C)
14-Mar-2019 N. Chagrin-Thurs (A/B/C)
14-Mar-2019 North Chagrin Thursday Season Opener
26-Feb-2019 Ride/Route Leaders Meeting
14-Jan-2019 2019 CTC Annual Meeting
07-Jan-2019 SIJ Committee Meeting
09-Dec-2018 CTC Holiday Celebration-2018
02-Dec-2018 2018 Advocacy Donations - 2-Part Member Vote
21-Oct-2018 Season Finale - Shaker Square (30 mi)
14-Oct-2018 Tour de Thompson (27, 45 mi)
07-Oct-2018 Fall Color Ride (36, 42 mi)
30-Sep-2018 Eddy's Fruit Farm (27,30,37,43 mi)
23-Sep-2018 Signature Ride - Bike Aboard! (24, 40 miles)
22-Sep-2018 TASSLE-Tour Along South Shore Lake Erie (50, 100 mi)
16-Sep-2018 Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Tour (38,48,63 mi)
15-Sep-2018 POP-UP SOCIAL RIDE ALONG THE LAKE -- 27 miles
09-Sep-2018 Pedal to Punderson (25, 52 mi)
02-Sep-2018 Girdled Road Park (32, 48, 53 mi)
26-Aug-2018 Signature Event: Club Annual Photo Day/Ride/Picnic (25,30,53 mi)
19-Aug-2018 Bikin' For Burritos (39,54,75 mi)
13-Aug-2018 LC August Meeting- Bike Attorney Presentation
12-Aug-2018 SIGNATURE EVENT: Austinburg-Greenway Trail-Lunch Ride (24,35,65 mi)
05-Aug-2018 Chagrin River Valley ( 27, 48, 70 mi)
29-Jul-2018 Pop-Up ride-Beach to Brim
29-Jul-2018 Ravenna Arsenal - (25, 51, 77 mi)
22-Jul-2018 *** UPDATED *** Post-SIJ Routes (26, 36, and 40 mi)
15-Jul-2018 Harpersfield Bridge (27, 51 mi)
14-Jul-2018 POP-UP Ride-36 mi. Social Level (Squires Castle to Chagrin Falls)
08-Jul-2018 Emerald Bracelet & Necklace (62, 94 mi)
07-Jul-2018 Pop-Up Ride - 25 Mile Social Ride (Art, Brewnuts, Edgewater & Stone Mad)
01-Jul-2018 Across State Lines (32, 50, 90 mi)
24-Jun-2018 Pop-Up Ride - 27 Mile Social Ride around Roaming Shores!
24-Jun-2018 Welshfield Inn Lunch Ride - Social/Alt C (23 mi)
24-Jun-2018 Welshfield Inn Lunch Ride - A/B/C (50 and 62 mi)
23-Jun-2018 Meet the New Members Ride (18,20,25,28 mi)
17-Jun-2018 Tour of Geauga (34,44,57mi)
16-Jun-2018 Pop-Up Ride - Social Ride to Welshfield Inn (26 mi)
03-Jun-2018 Hurry To Hudson (23, 48, 60 mi)
28-May-2018 Sneak Preview of SIJ Routes (36 mi)
27-May-2018 Sneak Preview of SIJ Routes (26 mi)
27-May-2018 Lakeshore Reservation (25, 36, 57 miles)
26-May-2018 Sneak Preview of SIJ Routes (40 mi)
20-May-2018 Amish Country Ride (26, 41, 61 miles)
13-May-2018 Tremont - Christmas Story House (51 mi)
12-May-2018 POP-UP: Ride for Food - Social (25 mi)
06-May-2018 Footing It To Footville (35 or 52 mi)
29-Apr-2018 Chardon Pancake Ride- Social (18 mi)
29-Apr-2018 Chardon Pancake Ride- A/B/C (30 - 40 mi)
22-Apr-2018 Spring Fling Ride (21 & 41 mi)
15-Apr-2018 Helen Hazen Wyman to Madison (29mi),Geneva (46mi)
08-Apr-2018 Geauga Lake Loop (32 & 45 mi)
05-Apr-2018 N. Chagrin-Thurs (Social)
04-Apr-2018 N. Chagrin-Wed (Social)
04-Apr-2018 N. Chagrin-Wed (A/B)
04-Apr-2018 N. Chagrin-Wed (C/ Alt C)
03-Apr-2018 Concord-Tue (Social)
03-Apr-2018 Concord-Tue (A/B/C)
03-Apr-2018 Chagrin Falls-Tue (A/B/C)
01-Apr-2018 Tour de Maple (31 & 51 mi)
31-Mar-2018 Chagrin Cobbles / Ronde van Vlaanderen
15-Mar-2018 N. Chagrin-Thr (A/B/C)
05-Feb-2018 Leadership Council Meeting
08-Jan-2018 2018 CTC Annual Meeting
03-Dec-2017 2017 CTC Holiday Celebration
30-Nov-2017 2017 Advocacy Donations - Member Vote
22-Oct-2017 Season Finale - Shaker Square
15-Oct-2017 Tour de Thompson
08-Oct-2017 Fall Color Ride (CTC)
01-Oct-2017 Eddy's Fruit Farm
24-Sep-2017 Signature Ride - Bikes Aboard! (Towpath & CVSR)
10-Sep-2017 Pedal to Punderson
03-Sep-2017 Girdled Road Park
27-Aug-2017 Signature Event: 2017 Club Annual Picnic/Ride/Photo Day
20-Aug-2017 Bikin' For Burritos
13-Aug-2017 CTC SIGNATURE EVENT! (Cookout Ride at Clay Street Grill)
06-Aug-2017 Chagrin River Valley
30-Jul-2017 Ravenna Arsennal
23-Jul-2017 Sunday In June - Part 2
16-Jul-2017 Harpersfield Bridge
09-Jul-2017 Emerald Necklace
08-Jul-2017 Hartsgrove Gravel Grinder (Saturday)
02-Jul-2017 Across State Lines
25-Jun-2017 Welshfield Inn Lunch Ride
18-Jun-2017 Tour of Geauga
11-Jun-2017 Volunteers Only: 41st Sunday in June
11-Jun-2017 41st Sunday in June - Hosted by CTC!
04-Jun-2017 Hurry To Hudson
31-May-2017 1st "Hot Dog Night", and New Member Ride!
28-May-2017 Lakeshore Reservation
21-May-2017 Amish Country Ride
14-May-2017 Tremont
07-May-2017 Footing It To Footville
30-Apr-2017 Chardon Pancake Ride-(40 mi)
23-Apr-2017 Spring Fling Ride
16-Apr-2017 Painesville - Madison - Geneva
13-Apr-2017 No. Chagrin-Thurs (Social)
09-Apr-2017 Geauga Lake Loop
05-Apr-2017 No. Chagrin-Wed (Social)
04-Apr-2017 Concord-Tue (Social)
04-Apr-2017 Concord-Tue (A/B/C)
04-Apr-2017 Chagrin Falls-Tue (A/B/C)
02-Apr-2017 Tour de Maple (2017 Sunday Opener!)
29-Mar-2017 No. Chagrin-Wed (A/B)
29-Mar-2017 No. Chagrin-Wed (C/ Alt C)
16-Mar-2017 No. Chagrin-Thr (A/B/C)
10-Jan-2017 2017 CTC Annual Meeting
17-Nov-2016 2016 Advocacy Donations - Member Vote
25-Sep-2016 Signature Ride - Bikes Aboard! (Towpath & CVSR)
18-Sep-2016 Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Tour
14-Aug-2016 Signature Event: 2016 Club Annual Picnic/Ride/Photo Day
11-Jul-2016 Monthly Leadership Council Meeting - Second half of 2016
12-Jun-2016 Public/Members - 40th Anniversary Sunday in June
08-Feb-2016 Monthly Leadership Council Meeting - First half of 2016
14-Dec-2015 Leadership Council Meeting
12-Dec-2015 2015 CTC Holiday Celebration!
17-Nov-2015 2015 Advocacy Donations - Member Vote
25-Sep-2015 Franklin Weekend along the Allegheny River
10-Sep-2015 The Wright Place Pizza Ride
13-Aug-2015 Foster's Ice Cream Ride
14-Jun-2015 39th Sunday in June (Lincoln Electric Only)
11-Jun-2015 Strawberry Festival
12-Jan-2015 2015 CTC Annual Meeting
13-Dec-2014 2014 CTC Holiday Celebration!
04-Jul-2014 July 4th Pickup Ride
16-May-2014 Downtown Bike to Work Day
20-Apr-2014 Landerwood Linger
27-Jan-2014 2014 CTC Annual Meeting
13-Dec-2013 2013 Holiday Party (12/13/13)
20-Oct-2013 Amble Around Aurora
06-Oct-2013 Signature Ride - Grand River Tour
02-Sep-2013 Labor Day Pickup Ride
24-Aug-2013 Chagrin Valley Hill Challenge
10-Aug-2013 Flatlander's Delight - 83 miles
30-Jun-2013 Signature Ride - Hungarian Delight!
02-Jun-2013 Rockin' Rock Creek
05-May-2013 2013 Special Jersey Order (Archive)
31-Mar-2013 Scramble to Chardon Ride
08-Dec-2012 Holiday Celebration!
03-Nov-2012 Ride Leadership - Traffic Skills 101
06-May-2012 Ride Leadership Training
06-May-2012 Rider Training - Traffic Skills
28-Apr-2012 Rider Training - Traffic Skills

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