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Upcoming rides

    • 07-Jan-2019
    • 06-May-2019
    • 5 sessions
    • Ron's House

    SIJ Committee Meeting:


    • Plans for this ride. 
    • Any new ideas 
    • Contacting vendors
    • Email Blasts
    • Routes and Marking routes
    • Marketing
    • T-shirts and Jerseys

    Committee Members:

    Ron Boetger - SIJ Director

    Bruce Newburger - Marketing

    Becky Johnson - Web Service and Emails

    Lisa Wiltse - Volunteer Coordinator

    Kim Platt - SIJ Jerseys

    George Novotney - Procurement

    Mindy Chamberlin - ?

    Jackie LoPresti - ?

    George Kinnard - Route Marking

    Route Manager - ?

    • 14-Jan-2019
    • 6:00 PM - 8:20 PM
    • Wickliffe Public Library, 1713 Lincoln Rd, Wickliffe, OH 44092

    2019 CTC Annual Meeting!

    Please join us on Monday Jan 14th from 6:30 pm - 8:45 pm, for our Annual Meeting - open to MEMBERS ONLY!  
    Cost:   Free!
    Monday Jan. 14, 2017
    Time: Food from 6 to 6:30 pm
      Meeting from 6:30 to 8:20 pm
    Where:  Wickliffe Public Library
      1713 Lincoln Rd, Wickliffe, OH 44092
    Food: Appetizers and Beverages provided
      Alcohol NOT Permitted.

    Register now so we know how much food and beverages to purchase in advance.  
    Members CAN attend the meeting even if not registered but please help out with head count by registering in advance.       


    6 - 6:30 pm Dinner, Soft Drinks, Socializing, Volunteer Sign up, Try on Jerseys.
    30 min 
    6:30- 8:45 pm

    Leadership Council election - (another email will be coming out concerning who is up for election) 

    Each person  to talk then voting.  Control the ballot box.

    10 min
      SIJ - 2018 recap  & 2019 kickoff 5 min
      Lisa to talk Volunteers 5 min
      Financials for 2018 – SIJ & Club
    10 min
      Membership for 2018
    5 min
      Advocacy Donations for 2019
    2 min
      Club Apparel for 2019
    10 min
      Ride Statistics from 2018 5 min
    7:30 – 7:45 pm
    Floor Discussion 
    15 min
    7:45 – 7:55 pm
    Speaker - Andrew Stahlke (NOACA)
    10 min
    7:55 – 8:20 pm
    Speaker - Jacob Vansickel (Bike Cleveland) 25 min
    8:20 Cleanup
    • 14-Mar-2019
    • 6:00 PM
    • North Chagrin
    Weekly rides from North Chagrin start Thursday, March 14, 2019 at 6pm, weather permitting.  Early season rides tend to be slower, no-drop events.  Hope to see you there!

    See the club website for the most up-to-date information.

Past rides

09-Dec-2018 CTC Holiday Celebration-2018
02-Dec-2018 2018 Advocacy Donations - 2-Part Member Vote
21-Oct-2018 Season Finale - Shaker Square (30 mi)
14-Oct-2018 Tour de Thompson (27, 45 mi)
07-Oct-2018 Fall Color Ride (36, 42 mi)
30-Sep-2018 Eddy's Fruit Farm (27,30,37,43 mi)
23-Sep-2018 Signature Ride - Bike Aboard! (24, 40 miles)
22-Sep-2018 TASSLE-Tour Along South Shore Lake Erie (50, 100 mi)
16-Sep-2018 Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Tour (38,48,63 mi)
15-Sep-2018 POP-UP SOCIAL RIDE ALONG THE LAKE -- 27 miles
09-Sep-2018 Pedal to Punderson (25, 52 mi)
02-Sep-2018 Girdled Road Park (32, 48, 53 mi)
26-Aug-2018 Signature Event: Club Annual Photo Day/Ride/Picnic (25,30,53 mi)
19-Aug-2018 Bikin' For Burritos (39,54,75 mi)
13-Aug-2018 LC August Meeting- Bike Attorney Presentation
12-Aug-2018 SIGNATURE EVENT: Austinburg-Greenway Trail-Lunch Ride (24,35,65 mi)
05-Aug-2018 Chagrin River Valley ( 27, 48, 70 mi)
29-Jul-2018 Pop-Up ride-Beach to Brim
29-Jul-2018 Ravenna Arsenal - (25, 51, 77 mi)
22-Jul-2018 *** UPDATED *** Post-SIJ Routes (26, 36, and 40 mi)
15-Jul-2018 Harpersfield Bridge (27, 51 mi)
14-Jul-2018 POP-UP Ride-36 mi. Social Level (Squires Castle to Chagrin Falls)
08-Jul-2018 Emerald Bracelet & Necklace (62, 94 mi)
07-Jul-2018 Pop-Up Ride - 25 Mile Social Ride (Art, Brewnuts, Edgewater & Stone Mad)
01-Jul-2018 Across State Lines (32, 50, 90 mi)
24-Jun-2018 Pop-Up Ride - 27 Mile Social Ride around Roaming Shores!
24-Jun-2018 Welshfield Inn Lunch Ride - Social/Alt C (23 mi)
24-Jun-2018 Welshfield Inn Lunch Ride - A/B/C (50 and 62 mi)
23-Jun-2018 Meet the New Members Ride (18,20,25,28 mi)
17-Jun-2018 Tour of Geauga (34,44,57mi)
16-Jun-2018 Pop-Up Ride - Social Ride to Welshfield Inn (26 mi)
03-Jun-2018 Hurry To Hudson (23, 48, 60 mi)
28-May-2018 Sneak Preview of SIJ Routes (36 mi)
27-May-2018 Sneak Preview of SIJ Routes (26 mi)
27-May-2018 Lakeshore Reservation (25, 36, 57 miles)
26-May-2018 Sneak Preview of SIJ Routes (40 mi)
20-May-2018 Amish Country Ride (26, 41, 61 miles)
13-May-2018 Tremont - Christmas Story House (51 mi)
12-May-2018 POP-UP: Ride for Food - Social (25 mi)
06-May-2018 Footing It To Footville (35 or 52 mi)
29-Apr-2018 Chardon Pancake Ride- Social (18 mi)
29-Apr-2018 Chardon Pancake Ride- A/B/C (30 - 40 mi)
28-Apr-2018 Spring Gravel Classic
22-Apr-2018 Spring Fling Ride (21 & 41 mi)
15-Apr-2018 Helen Hazen Wyman to Madison (29mi),Geneva (46mi)
08-Apr-2018 Geauga Lake Loop (32 & 45 mi)
05-Apr-2018 N. Chagrin-Thurs (Social)
04-Apr-2018 N. Chagrin-Wed (Social)
04-Apr-2018 N. Chagrin-Wed (A/B)
04-Apr-2018 N. Chagrin-Wed (C/ Alt C)
03-Apr-2018 Concord-Tue (Social)
03-Apr-2018 Concord-Tue (A/B/C)
03-Apr-2018 Chagrin Falls-Tue (A/B/C)
01-Apr-2018 Tour de Maple (31 & 51 mi)
31-Mar-2018 Chagrin Cobbles / Ronde van Vlaanderen
15-Mar-2018 N. Chagrin-Thr (A/B/C)
05-Feb-2018 Leadership Council Meeting
08-Jan-2018 2018 CTC Annual Meeting
03-Dec-2017 2017 CTC Holiday Celebration
30-Nov-2017 2017 Advocacy Donations - Member Vote
22-Oct-2017 Season Finale - Shaker Square
15-Oct-2017 Tour de Thompson
08-Oct-2017 Fall Color Ride (CTC)
01-Oct-2017 Eddy's Fruit Farm
24-Sep-2017 Signature Ride - Bikes Aboard! (Towpath & CVSR)
10-Sep-2017 Pedal to Punderson
03-Sep-2017 Girdled Road Park
27-Aug-2017 Signature Event: 2017 Club Annual Picnic/Ride/Photo Day
20-Aug-2017 Bikin' For Burritos
13-Aug-2017 CTC SIGNATURE EVENT! (Cookout Ride at Clay Street Grill)
06-Aug-2017 Chagrin River Valley
30-Jul-2017 Ravenna Arsennal
23-Jul-2017 Sunday In June - Part 2
16-Jul-2017 Harpersfield Bridge
09-Jul-2017 Emerald Necklace
08-Jul-2017 Hartsgrove Gravel Grinder (Saturday)
02-Jul-2017 Across State Lines
25-Jun-2017 Welshfield Inn Lunch Ride
18-Jun-2017 Tour of Geauga
11-Jun-2017 Volunteers Only: 41st Sunday in June
11-Jun-2017 41st Sunday in June - Hosted by CTC!
04-Jun-2017 Hurry To Hudson
31-May-2017 1st "Hot Dog Night", and New Member Ride!
28-May-2017 Lakeshore Reservation
21-May-2017 Amish Country Ride
14-May-2017 Tremont
07-May-2017 Footing It To Footville
30-Apr-2017 Chardon Pancake Ride-(40 mi)
23-Apr-2017 Spring Fling Ride
16-Apr-2017 Painesville - Madison - Geneva
13-Apr-2017 No. Chagrin-Thurs (Social)
09-Apr-2017 Geauga Lake Loop
05-Apr-2017 No. Chagrin-Wed (Social)
04-Apr-2017 Concord-Tue (Social)
04-Apr-2017 Concord-Tue (A/B/C)
04-Apr-2017 Chagrin Falls-Tue (A/B/C)
02-Apr-2017 Tour de Maple (2017 Sunday Opener!)
29-Mar-2017 No. Chagrin-Wed (A/B)
29-Mar-2017 No. Chagrin-Wed (C/ Alt C)
16-Mar-2017 No. Chagrin-Thr (A/B/C)
10-Jan-2017 2017 CTC Annual Meeting
17-Nov-2016 2016 Advocacy Donations - Member Vote
25-Sep-2016 Signature Ride - Bikes Aboard! (Towpath & CVSR)
18-Sep-2016 Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Tour
14-Aug-2016 Signature Event: 2016 Club Annual Picnic/Ride/Photo Day
11-Jul-2016 Monthly Leadership Council Meeting - Second half of 2016
12-Jun-2016 Public/Members - 40th Anniversary Sunday in June
08-Feb-2016 Monthly Leadership Council Meeting - First half of 2016
14-Dec-2015 Leadership Council Meeting
12-Dec-2015 2015 CTC Holiday Celebration!
17-Nov-2015 2015 Advocacy Donations - Member Vote
25-Sep-2015 Franklin Weekend along the Allegheny River
10-Sep-2015 The Wright Place Pizza Ride
13-Aug-2015 Foster's Ice Cream Ride
14-Jun-2015 39th Sunday in June (Lincoln Electric Only)
11-Jun-2015 Strawberry Festival
12-Jan-2015 2015 CTC Annual Meeting
13-Dec-2014 2014 CTC Holiday Celebration!
04-Jul-2014 July 4th Pickup Ride
16-May-2014 Downtown Bike to Work Day
20-Apr-2014 Landerwood Linger
27-Jan-2014 2014 CTC Annual Meeting
13-Dec-2013 2013 Holiday Party (12/13/13)
20-Oct-2013 Amble Around Aurora
06-Oct-2013 Signature Ride - Grand River Tour
02-Sep-2013 Labor Day Pickup Ride
24-Aug-2013 Chagrin Valley Hill Challenge
10-Aug-2013 Flatlander's Delight - 83 miles
30-Jun-2013 Signature Ride - Hungarian Delight!
02-Jun-2013 Rockin' Rock Creek
05-May-2013 2013 Special Jersey Order (Archive)
31-Mar-2013 Scramble to Chardon Ride
08-Dec-2012 Holiday Celebration!
03-Nov-2012 Ride Leadership - Traffic Skills 101
06-May-2012 Ride Leadership Training
06-May-2012 Rider Training - Traffic Skills
28-Apr-2012 Rider Training - Traffic Skills

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