tuesday concord social PLUS Ride 

Laura Schaffer (lcschaffer@gmail.com)       

Alternate Ride Leader - Many


Start Time


 Social plus

 6:30 pm

6:15 pm


5:30 pm

All Biking Season starts the 1st Tuesday in April.

September 7

Starting 14-Sep, we will rotate between Veterans Park in Mentor and Maple Highlands Trail in Chardon.

Oct.5 Veterans Park


(Click here for pace descriptions)

(Note: If no Ride Leader is available then it is no longer a club sanctioned ride.)

Concord is a great launching point for some of the best riding in Lake & Geauga counties. 

We will ride shorter routes in the spring and fall based on the sunset.  This social plus ride is just a step up from the social rides. 

We will do a little extra mileage or a little more hills and a little faster than the social ride.  If you want just a little more challenge, join us.  We are no drop and welcome all!

Routes may be posted each week.  Hopefully, next year I will post them ahead.  We will be flexible for weather and participants as well.

Schedule and Maps

Ride Date

PDF  GPS  Mileage
START 6:30 PM      

10-Aug South to Maple Taps, North to Hoose / Prouty and back   GPS  22 miles
16-Aug North to Fairport Nursery Rd 22 miles
 24-Aug No social plus route today 


Oct.5 Veterans Park  

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