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The Cleveland Touring Club hosts many rides across five pace groups throughout the riding season on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. Learn more below and get in contact with a ride leader.

See Other Rides for weekend rides.

Rides are intended to cater to people of all abilities. Paces are explained below. The Ride pages will sometimes list the terrain conditions or a map will be available with the elevations.  See below to find out which days offer rides that cater to your interest.  Rides may start as early as 5:30 pm during March, April, and September.  Contact the ride leader or visit the ride pages for the most detailed information about a particular ride.

Non-members of the Cleveland Touring Club are not covered by the club’s insurance when riding on a club rideThey must sign the club’s liability waiver to be permitted a one-time club ride -- due to insurance requirements, non-members are allowed only one “waivered” ride with the club.

Ride Paces

Group       Pace (mph)     Description
 A 18 + Aggressive pace with little to no regrouping                       
 B 16 - 18 Moderate to Fast pace, No-Drop
 C 14 - 16 Tour to Moderate pace with regrouping, No-Drop                                  
 Alt-C 12 - 14 Social to Tour pace with frequent regrouping, No-Drop
 Social Plus 12 - 13 Social to Casual pace with frequent regrouping, No-Drop
 Social 12 & under Social paced ride where pace is unimportant, No-Drop

Ride Matrix

Day  Tues.  Wed.  Thurs.
A (18+mph)

Chagrin Falls


-Need Ride Leaders

North Chagrin

-Need Ride Leader

North Chagrin
B (16-18)

Chagrin Falls


North Chagrin North Chagrin
C (14-16)

Chagrin Falls


North Chagrin


North Chagrin
Alt-C (12-14) Concord

North Chagrin

Social Plus Concord   
Social (12 & under) Concord North Chagrin North Chagrin

Ride Calendar

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