Club Riding Rules

Riders on CTC sponsored ride must adhere to these rules:
  1. Taillight and Helmet required
  2. Rear-view mirror, water bottle(s), and cell phone recommended
  3. Guest riders agree to our guest waiver of liability before riding with the CTC
  4. One (1) guest ride permitted before you Join CTC
  5. ALL riders observe these Club Riding Rules and Additional Riding Requirements seen here
  6. ALL riders observe legal State & Local bike and traffic laws and ordinances
  7. Ohio Bike Law & Accessories: White headlight, red taillight, red rear reflector (all mandatory for after dark riding), and a bell or horn audible from 100 feet away.

      Club Riding Rules

      Riders on CTC sponsored rides must adhere to these rules:

      Riding Requirements

      Your bike should be in excellent working order. Check your brakes, cables, and tighten all bolts and fittings. Check tire inflation weekly and maintain specified pressure. If in doubt take your bike to a local bike shop and have it thoroughly checked out. You don’t want to experience a mechanical problem on any ride that takes you and others away from riding. Also, insure that your bike is set up for your body size – seat height, bar adjustments, etc.  Get this done before your first club ride.

      You should be in decent physical condition for riding.  All club rides are unsupported unless otherwise specified so ride with a group where you maintain contact with fellow riders.  Ride pace can be fast in some groups but there are typically 2 – 3 group levels riding from a start location.  Importantly, don’t try to exceed your conditioning if you’re not ready for it. Work up to more strenuous rides with shorter rides until you're comfortable in a group.  If needed, talk with others about forming a new ride group if you're struggling to find a group that works for you and others.  This is a member-driven and resourced club.

      Carry plenty of water with you. Two water bottles are recommended on hot days, and drink every 15 minutes. Don’t wait to drink later – you’ll be dehydrated by then and that can be dangerous. On longer rides you should stop to refill your bottles. Also, bring fuel; energy bars, cookies, granola, fruit or some balanced energy food. You won't regret it when tired, hungry, and half way home.

      Know how to fix a flat tire. Carry tire levers, a spare tube, and an inflation device on your bike. If you do have a blowout, other riders normally will stop to assist you, but you should know how to fix your own flat tire while on the road..

      Carry money, an ID of some sort, and phone numbers in case of an emergency. You’ll need money if we stop for lunch or snacks, and bring your cell phone for emergencies. If you have an accident or irreparable breakdown we need to know who you are, people to contact, and how to get you back safely.

      Helmets are a membership requirement.  Wearing a helmet protects you and protects the club.  Wear clothing made for cycling and for visibility - brightly colored jerseys or jackets. You want to be seen on the roads. We recommend investing in cycling-specific shoes – they transfer more power to your pedals.

      Above all, have a good time! Introduce yourself if you're a new member or thinking of becoming one. You don't need to belong to CTC to ride with us once as a guest. Don't let the clothes, helmets, and fancy bikes intimidate you.  There are cyclists of all stripes in the CTC, and there’s a place for you too!    


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