June 15, 2020 COVID-19 Update - At this time the club has started a limited weekday ride schedule.  Any listed ride without a ride leader is not a sanctioned ride.  We are also limiting the ride size to 8 members per ride leader.

Riding with the CTC

Cycling is a great individual and social sport and riding with a club is a great way to meet new people and experience the joys of cycling! All of our rides are listed online. For additional details and maps you must become a club member.

A "guest" ride is encouraged before joining!  Please use this page to get you to one of our many weekday or weekend rides.

Release & Waiver of Liability

Please be aware of release and waiver of liability that applies to all riders who join this ride.

Please read this document carefully since it applies to members and non-members inclusive.

Bring with you

Required is a helmet, spare tube and taillight. There are many new rechargeable and super-bright LED taillights newly available. These lights are intended for daytime use so please consider upgrading.

Annual Ride Event 

The club's signature annual ride, this year's Sunday in June is always the second Sunday in June!  

Ride Paces 

Group        Pace, mph        Description
 A  18 +  Aggressive pace with little to no regrouping                       
 B  16 - 18  Moderate to Fast pace, No drop
 C  14 - 16  Tour to Moderate pace with frequent regrouping, No Drop
 D (AKA Alt-C)
 11 - 14  Social to Tour pace with frequent regrouping, No Drop
 Social  12 & under  Social paced ride where pace is unimportant, No Drop


Pace is the AVERAGE over the ride and is shown as a general guideline.  Rides may be faster or slower depending on terrain and participants.  When in doubt, pick a slower group and move up as ability permits. 

Club Rides

The Cleveland Touring Club sponsors rides on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings as well as Sundays. Routes may change up to a day before each ride due to construction, safety concerns, weather or other reasons, so please contact the Ride Leader at the Rides page for your intended ride's updates.

Ride Route Maps

For club members only, maps are usually posted at the Weekday Rides page, but may be posted to the club's Facebook page, or emailed to members from the club list server. Posting of maps and ride communication varies per ride leader preference.

Ride Starting Times/Locations

For members and visiting "guests", ride starting times and locations are listed on the Rides page.  New members and guests should arrive 15-30 minutes early to connect with riders at your pace and grab a map, if needed.  Ride leaders and club members often bring extra maps, so ask at ride (online map access is a privilege of membership).

Ride Rules

ALL riders must agree to club riding Rules & Requirements

Maps & Routes

For information on how to load GPX files to your GPS device

Ride Philosophy

It is not much of a group ride if you are riding alone, so please try to find some other riders and form a group; or jump into one of the established groups or create your own group.  Some people may need to slow a little and others work a little harder in order for the group to be cohesive.  

Several speeds are represented from a "C" to "A" and it is greatly appreciated when groups make an effort to not drop individuals. Once the ride is established down the road, a group takes on a personality of its own based on the participants. Everyone should be cognizant of who is in the group and try to be considerate of all members of the group. In any case, the maps provided are designed to get you back to the start, even if you are completely on your own.

Regrouping: Some of the maps have designated regroup stops designated by an “R” along the route. As well, it is good practice to dynamically… that is, try to slow a little when reaching the top of hills with a head-check to verify if fellow riders are still with the group. Sometimes you can slow to a crawl for just a few seconds to regroup for the coming downhill. This is a good time to communicate with phrases like “slowing” or “let’s wait for the two riders off the back”. 

If a rider trying to catch-up leaves the hilltop even a couple of seconds after everyone else, it is likely they will be dropped even further. Another practice is to do a full regroup where it is safe to stop, such as major turns. In this case, it is best to simply stop and wait… which only takes seconds and makes the ride more cohesive. Use your best judgment and be considerate.

It is not uncommon to break from your group and either go “off the front” or simply drop back to another group. However, if you do go off the front, please try not to "blow-up" the ride; instead, consider starting with one group up in your capability. Conversely, if you are constantly slowing a group, consider dropping back one step to a less aggressive group.

For the benefit of the ride group please try to be cognizant of the group dynamics within, and do not ride alone.


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