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Riding with the CTC

Cycling is a great individual and social sport and riding with a club is a great way to meet new people and experience the joys of cycling! All of our rides are listed online. For additional details and maps you must become a club member.

A "guest" ride is encouraged before joining!  Please use this page to get you to one of our many weekday or weekend rides.

Pace for Ride Groups (Caution: paces may vary per road, weather, and group leader preference)

Group        Pace, mph        Description
 A  18 +  Aggressive pace with little to no regrouping                       
 B+  17 - 18  Fast to Aggressive pace with regrouping per leader 
 B  16 - 17  Moderate to Fast pace with some regrouping
 C+  15 - 16  Moderate pace with regrouping/rest per leader
 C  14 - 15  Tour to Moderate pace with frequent regrouping
 Social  09 - 12  No-Drop social ride where pace is unimportant.


Pace is the AVERAGE over the ride and is shown as a general guideline.  Rides may be faster or slower depending on terrain and participants.  When in doubt, pick a slower group and move up as ability permits. 

Club Rides
- The Cleveland Touring Club sponsors rides on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings as well as Saturdays and Sundays. Routes may change up to a day before each ride due to construction, safety concerns, weather or other reasons, so please contact the Ride Leader at the Rides page for your intended ride's updates.

Annual Ride Event - The club's signature annual ride, this year's 40th Sunday in June is always the second Sunday in June - June 12th in 2016!  (Info is coming soon!)

Ride Route Maps - For club members only, maps are usually posted at the Weekday Rides page, but may be posted to the club's Facebook page, or emailed to members from the club list server. Posting of maps and ride communication varies per ride leader preference.

Ride Starting Times/Locations - For members and visiting "guests", ride starting times and locations are listed on the Rides page.  New members and guests should arrive 15-30 minutes early to connect with riders at your pace and grab a map, if needed.  Ride leaders and club members often bring extra maps, so ask at ride (online map access is a privilege of membership).

Ride Rules - ALL riders must agree to club riding rules and requirements


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